Analytical Solutions


The success of analytical projects has deeper roots than the mere complexity of the solutions or the quality of the data.

By refining the understanding of developers and consumers perspectives, their business, and data literacy along diverse motivations, a solution with greater odds of success can be designed and implemented.

I can help identify what to build and how along with hands on guidance on technical challenges associated with new or existing data science projects.


Organizations should have the ownership of any critical intelligence stemming out of their data. Learning sessions are aimed at bringing autonomy to the client through the upskilling of their resources.

  • Data preparation strategies
  • Code versioning
  • Data and models lifecycle management
  • Model monitoring and explainability
  • Introduction and enterprise usage
  • Package development
  • Performance optimization


Data science operationalization
  • Framework to achieve both flexible analytics adapted to emerging problems and the rigor and reproducibility required for making critical business decisions.
Communication tools
  • Reporting automation
  • Interactive data driven application and dashboards
Code performance enhancement
  • Adapt to multi-threaded operations
  • Controlling allocations
  • Translation to GPU / CUDA

Trained as an actuary (FCAS), I have developed an expertise in enterprise data science over 15 years in both large firms (Intact Financial Corp) and startups (Evovest).

From risk-aware predictive algorithms for insurance claim prevalence or automated investment decisions to robust reproducibility and leverage of cloud tools, I can provide fresh insights to reconcile sophisticated analytics with pragmatic deliveries.

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